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April 18 - April 22

With virtual presentations, co-working days, daily office hours and a panel discussion attendees will learn how to build their freelance business and connect with other freelancers who can support them and help them scale.

Using Laptop at Home

Marketing Monday

Social media and email marketing are an essential part of every marketing strategy. Whether you work for a large corporation or a small business, effective planning and execution of your marketing strategy will result in measurable benefits for your brand.

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday is all about learning what tools are out there to help your business thrive. Get demos and test-drive the latest and greatest business tools. We’ll have representatives showing off their wares all day.

Yoga Session

Wellness Wednesday

Mid-week is where we take on the hard stuff. The other terrible things no one wants to bother with but everyone wishes they did. Not to fear! We will also focus on taking care of ourselves and each other through yoga and meditation. We’ll learn about how to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, while on our own. How to overcome stress and transform challenges and conflicts into healing and growth.

Thriving Thursday

It’s time to take what you’ve learned and implement it. Today we will put together our pitch, get our headshots, and get confident promoting our best qualities. We are putting the pieces together and working it.

Colleagues at Work
Working Together

Freelance Friday

The end is just the beginning. You’ve leveled up; now it’s time to show off what you’ve got. A full day of connecting, collaborating, sharing, and scheming together! We’re all about relationships over transactions, so today is all about finding your community (and your next gig).

Daily Office Hours

Have you ever just wanted to pick the brain of someone who has "been there, done that?" Our daily office hours are the perfect place to ask questions and learn from industry experts!

Young Businesswomen
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